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96 (a) Physical work conditions such as temperature, light, noise, crowdedness, workplace structure, and the organization's space.
The head of Asabri Branch of Alwahda Bank, Ahmed Almqasbi explained the crowdedness in banks to lack of money saying "money may reach late once or twice a week".
Other transmission routes include penetration into the skin when in contact with infectious wastewater or direct inhalation of infected air due to over crowdedness or poor ventilation in the colony.
3 They were also meant to ameliorate the squalor and crowdedness of the native city, its miasma, and its contaminants.
Robyn Griggs Lawrence advises readers on how to purge clutter and crowdedness out of one's home wisely, using cheap and salvaged items in your home, and the power of self-construction.
Mutlag discussed during his meeting with a number of municipal managers and police chiefs in the city the possibility of building a major hospital in Dora to minimize the current crowdedness in Al Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, pointing out that the work going on in Dora now focuses on opening roads, establishing sports fields, and repair infrastructure.
What is the expectation for crowdedness on cave tours?
As if the sheer volume of people wasn't stunning enough--one can't overstate the masses and crowdedness everywhere you turn--their attire in the cities was surprisingly American.
Damascus, (SANA)- Tourists areas in Syrian coast and cities have restored their lovely clamor, and the last few days have witnessed big crowdedness with the beginning of the Eid days where the Syrian tourists were mixed with the Arab and foreign tourists in a farewell festival for the summer season.
I have two issues for the reader today that I do not want wasted amidst the crowdedness, and some brief comments on them.
He said that opening the traffic departments in the north and east of Amman meets the incessant need resulting from the architectural expansion and population crowdedness in these areas.
Chapter 1, "Imaginary Numbers: City, Crowd, Theater," defines crowds and crowdedness through a series of royal and civic proclamations against the breaking up of London estates and houses.