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There was moderate maxillary spacing and moderate mandibular crowding.
He is an international expert on environmental stress resulting from noise, crowding, inadequate housing, and air pollution.
The human capacity to adapt to crowding has evolutionary parallels in other primates.
We believe it's due to the overcrowding, and the crowding is getting worse.
DISPELLING WIDELY HELD myths about various ethnic groups' tolerance of crowding, a new study finds that Asian Americans and Latin Americans are just as uncomfortable in crowded homes as are Anglo Americans (Americans of European descent) and African Americans.
For humans, the crowding of once-pristine North American beaches seems merely a nuisance.
At the South Central Animal Shelter, crowding forced workers to place an 11-year-old blind Akita into a kennel where six other dogs vied for food and water.
Several criticized the authority for considering a hike at the same time that it refuses to buy enough buses to comply with a court official's orders, part of the implementation of a 1996 court-sanctioned agreement designed to reduce bus crowding.
Walter Mejia, 16, a junior at Belmont High School, said he was glad school district officials are building the Belmont Learning Center because of the severe crowding on his campus, but he said his father is concerned about safety at the new school.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has filed a legal motion against an order that requires the MTA to buy 532 buses and hire additional drivers and mechanics to reduce passenger crowding, officials said Saturday.
PHOTO Bus crowding forces some passengers to remain standing on a Metropolitan Transportation Authority line downtown on Tuesday.