crowning point

References in classic literature ?
At that crowning point in the narrative, my mother stopped.
I am a knight-errant, and not one of those whose names Fame has never thought of immortalising in her record, but of those who, in defiance and in spite of envy itself, and all the magicians that Persia, or Brahmans that India, or Gymnosophists that Ethiopia ever produced, will place their names in the temple of immortality, to serve as examples and patterns for ages to come, whereby knights-errant may see the footsteps in which they must tread if they would attain the summit and crowning point of honour in arms.
That's the crowning point of unreason in the business
At that crowning point of the description, an idea crossed his mind; his party-colored eyes twinkled; his curly lips twisted up at the corners; Wragge was himself again.
It was the crowning point on a long journey that has taken the Glasgow-born son of a Nigerian scientist and Romanian economist from the English non-league set-up with Halesowen Town to the international stage.
The Rome-born boss, who started his playing career with Roma, said: "It's a great satisfaction for me, the crowning point of a dream and a professional road that began many years ago.
So, with two Italian sides set to turn the European Cup Final into chess with boots on, this is on course to be THE European crowning point of the season.
The title refers to an early invention of Thomas Edison's that succeeded in combining image and sound (at the turn of the century it was advertised as "the crowning point of realism"--perhaps inspiring Graham to put the device to use documenting his own departure from reality).
The developer will let the buyer design this crowning point that comprises most of the top of what is called the ClockTower Building.