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Noel Vanstone expressed his high approval of the Crucial Test by smirking and simpering for the first time that morning.
Noel Vanstone applied the Crucial Test on the spot, with the highest appreciation of the fair material which was the subject of experiment.
The ape-man gently tested the strength of the bonds that held him, and while he could not be sure it seemed that they were of insufficient strength to withstand the strain of his mighty muscles when the time came to make a break for freedom; but he did not dare to put them to the crucial test until darkness had fallen, or he felt that no spying eyes were upon him.
I failed of the bold front and the necessary forwardness when the crucial moment came.
What checked him at the crucial moment was the familiar, harmless aspect of common things, the steady light, the open book on the table, the solitude, the peace, the home-like effect of the place.
Her will, or faith, must have failed her at the crucial instant, and the lower law of matter had its horrible revenge.
Raffles, and at the crucial moment he would whisper "Victory or Wormwood Scrubbs, Bunny
Falk obeys the law of self-preservation without the slightest misgivings as to his right, but at a crucial turn of that ruthlessly preserved life he will not condescend to dodge the truth.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- While the profile of the typical "tech geek" remains overwhelmingly male, the label itself has transitioned from a negative to a positive connotation, according to new data released today in the Crucial.
BOISE, Idaho -- Leading computer memory (DRAM) and solid state drive (SSD) online retailer Crucial.
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High
His presentation will be on Crucial Confrontations.