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Crucial Conversations provides the tools to handle life's most difficult and important conversations.
In addition to his expertise in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations, Nelson is considered a leading expert in the VitalSmarts research study, Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare.
They make time for the crucial conversations that increase their influence and maintain their optimism.
This makes it crucial for the lawyer preparing the divorce decree to ensure it contains a termination-at-death clause for federal tax purposes.
What might seem like a technical theological debate becomes a fascinating study of the crucial issues that were involved in arguing that God was the father of Christ, that Christ's birth was a virgin one, and that Mary was conceived without original sin.
If asked, you could immediately name two or three people with whom you should have a crucial conversation about some topic, but you haven't.
All of these factors may make early construction of the taxpayer's factual case and successful satisfaction of the IRS's concerns the most crucial elements of success.
In coming after me with the clumsy instrument of the grand jury, the Government is attempting to bulldoze its way through the issues I have raised regarding the crucial nature of social research in this society.
Service, service, service, not location, is crucial in the existing financial climate.
The increasing complexity and interdependence of our hospital systems demand that doctors regularly engage in some very crucial conversations.