crucial moment

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References in classic literature ?
Heralded by the increasing fierceness of the squalls, sometimes by a faint flash of lightning like the signal of a lighted torch waved far away behind the clouds, the shift of wind comes at last, the crucial moment of the change from the brooding and veiled violence of the south-west gale to the sparkling, flashing, cutting, clear- eyed anger of the King's north-westerly mood.
Only a few days since you, yourself, told me that these great brutes, by the uncertainty of their tempers, often were the means of turning victory into defeat, since, at a crucial moment, they might elect to unseat and rend their riders."
I failed of the bold front and the necessary forwardness when the crucial moment came.
It was the crucial moment. But my voice was a strange voice, and in it he recognized nothing familiar.
At the crucial moment he appeared to lose the courage of his conviction.
Of course, it would have been best, all round, for Merlin to waive etiquette and quit and call it half a day, since he would never be able to start that water, for he was a true magician of the time; which is to say, the big miracles, the ones that gave him his repu- tation, always had the luck to be performed when nobody but Merlin was present; he couldn't start this well with all this crowd around to see; a crowd was as bad for a magician's miracle in that day as it was for a spiritualist's miracle in mine; there was sure to be some skeptic on hand to turn up the gas at the crucial moment and spoil everything.
Raffles, and at the crucial moment he would whisper "Victory or Wormwood Scrubbs, Bunny!" or instead of Wormwood Scrubbs it might be Portland Bill.
What checked him at the crucial moment was the familiar, harmless aspect of common things, the steady light, the open book on the table, the solitude, the peace, the home-like effect of the place.
Billions Sky Atlantic, 9pm Axe (Damian Lewis, left) suffers from an attack at a crucial moment, which results in him having to turn to Chuck for help.
In the fourth round, he trailed Haas by two sets, but managed to lift himself at the crucial moment.
Maulana Fazal appealed to the nation to remain united at this crucial moment because the enemy has intruded our country which is a very serious issue.
However, the British leadership looks at a loss of options and has miserably failed to deliver at such a crucial moment in history.