crucial part

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The meetings represent a crucial part of the comprehensive plan set by the UAE delegation in order to exchange views and insights with the different participating delegations.
John Zerwas, R-Simonton, explained why he's introduced legislation to implement a crucial part of federal health care reform.
The checks play a crucial part in helping people reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease by monitoring height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and checking family history.
The property slump will also play a crucial part as the number of repossessions is forecast to jump from 45,000 this year to 75,000 in 2009.
Protecting and restoring the nation's urban tree canopy, now being lost at an alarming rate, is a crucial part of sustainable growth and an effective way to counteract excess carbon.
In The Purchase of Intimacy, she argues that economic exchange is a crucial part of our quest to create, define, and maintain intimate relationships--and that if money can't buy love, it can at least help sustain it.
It is hoped that by sailing to the heart of the debate and drawing together scientists, teachers and renowned artists, Cape Farewell will illustrate the workings of this crucial part of the planet and engage the public and schools in the debate about climate change.
But wolves are also a crucial part of balancing Yellowstone's ecosystem, keeping the coyote and grazing mammal population in check, and revered by Native American cultures.
New York yoga teacher and body rolling expert Yamuna Zake believes movement is a crucial part of working with the ball.
Comparisons with the recent paintings of Jeff Koons, which these resemble even more closely, are tempting and will no doubt play a crucial part in any attempt to reevaluate Overby's contribution.
It's a crucial part of any estate plan for gay men and lesbians, especially with the same-sex marriage issue on the front burner and the 2004 presidential election looming.