crucial part

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"The infection has come back but we're not sure of the source of it so that's going to be the crucial part."
We had 23 and three or four of them came in the crucial part of the game,' Guiao told the press shortly after the Road Warriors lost to NorthPort Batang Pier on Sunday night.
Winterburn, who played left-back for the Gunners from 1987 to 2000, believes the Uruguayan is playing a crucial part in Arsenal's development under Emery.
After Richard Spottiswood, was yesterday jailed for life for killing the 24-year-old in July last year, Northumbria Police released CCTV footage that formed a crucial part of the investigation.
Seeing that, the ruling PML-N party had made reforms in state enterprises a crucial part of its election campaign through a combination of restructuring and privatisation.
They also play a crucial part in rescue missions after any disaster.
Rs 25.5 million (Rs 500,000 each) were spent on purchasing the dogs and feeding costs stand at Rs 17 million in four years.Sniffer dogs play a crucial part in counter terrorism, apprehending criminals, explosives/ drugs detection and search/ rescue missions following natural disasters.
For nearly 300 years, GKN has played a crucial part in the defence of this country.
He said that the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited has played a crucial part in resolving such issues in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of the country.
And remember that summer holidays are a crucial part of childhood and play a vital part in learning.
DOMINIC SANDBROOK: LET US ENTERTAIN YOU BBC2, 9.00pm Dominic Sandbrook explores British post-war culture, arguing that although it is indebted to the Victorian past, it is a crucial part of modern identity.
The meetings represent a crucial part of the comprehensive plan set by the UAE delegation in order to exchange views and insights with the different participating delegations.