crucial period

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IT is always rewarding to remember dedicated workers of the Pakistan Movement who served this cause during the crucial period of struggle.
Cyprus football is entering a crucial period following Monday's violent clashes at Limassol's Tsirion stadium during and after the AEL v Apoel game.
Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that party is facing through crucial period and asked Interior Minister to play his role in this regard while keeping the differences and reservations aside.
Reflecting on United's holiday fixtures, Benitez said: "I remember when I was at Liverpool, I would always say that's a crucial period, but it is true.
Thus, with the attention narrowed to 1920, the start of the Roaring Twenties, readers learn about a crucial period and how it evolved.
SIMON M pool are ready for a crucial period in their top four chase.
He continued: France also offers full support for Iraq in this crucial period of its history.
This latest wave of violence comes only three days before the legislative elections of 2014, a crucial period for Tunisia.
Malik Asad said the country is passing through a crucial period and it cannot bear confrontation of any type.
Obama's announcement that he is nominating John Tefft for the high-profile post comes during a crucial period in U.
Sam will boost our squad in this crucial period and he will bring his experience to our group.
Meanwhile, the last words from the passenger jet were spoken by the co-pilot, the airline said on Monday, providing a new glimpse into the crucial period when the plane was deliberately diverted.