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Crucially, Hull's biggest Super League win of the season moved them closer to Castleford in the race for a top five play-off place.
Even more crucially, at least from my point of view, Houshiary's paintings are unabashedly aesthetic, indeed beautiful.
Crucially, the outlet must be quiet but it must also sustain a pressure loss so that it is self-balancing.
I consider it crucially important for Christians to know that not all Jews are in agreement with their self-appointed spokesmen.
Signs of Life" was obsessed by inventories, lists, and, most crucially, the contamination of the structures of Minimal and Conceptual art through discursive complications.
Crucially, all switch services (including E911 and CALEA) are available to all subscribers, whatever the access technology used.
Enthused at last to be part of something bigger than her immediate environment, Chris pursues popularity with a fervor that alienates both her loving husband (a very nice turn from Ciaran Hinds) and son and, perhaps even more crucially, her lifelong best friend, who understandably feels the hype is overshadowing her departed John's memory.
We maintain our view that forecasting is not applicable to Iraq's mobile market, ultimately because of the political uncertainties which are crucially interlinked with the economic development and the ability to convert Iraq's vast oil reserves into cash.
Connelly may rely on the old, single-tear-streak trick too much, but she movingly evokes Kathy's sadness, regret, determination and, most crucially, her sheer blindness to the chaos her presence brings to every life it touches.
Or, if you will, some state of consciousness, in which, for just a moment, the ultrarational mind relinquishes control and strange things bubble up: a shadowy place where emotion, triggered by the senses, is reinforced by memories of what may or may not have been, but is nonetheless crucially important.
While the ongoing project is already yielding novel discoveries, the two partners are continuing their search for further funding sources, public or private, to extend this crucially important study to its fullest possible scope, i.