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"I think in this region, only Iran can play this crucially important role," reiterated the UN chief.
Expressing deep concern that fighting is still going on, Ban said "the longer this fighting goes on, the more people will be killed, the more people will suffer." He added that "it is crucially important that the Security Council, the whole United Nations system support your role.
But crucially we have the drive, determination, pride and passion to maximise every opportunity.
Second, the reliability of financial numbers depends crucially on the quality, extent and relevance of the data on which the numbers and their underlying models are based.
The loss of Denesh Ramdin to the second ball of the 47th over, bowled by Stuart Broad, had crucially altered the balance.
Commentators, fans and most crucially players are totally confused and if this continues I wouldn't put it past the Blatter FIFA nanny state to ban tackling altogether.
Crucially, it could mean that such research is no longer dependent on using cells from human embryos, which has proved highly controversial.
Crucially, the circumstances in which suspects can be stunned will also be widened.
Teleosemantics holds that the contents of psychological states depend crucially on the functions of such states.
Now the EP's transport committee has slammed the cuts, with chair Paolo Costa saying: "Completion of the TENs is crucially dependent on the EU's ability to heavily co-finance all cross-border sections of these projects".
Pottinger of M'gineering LLC will present, "Tire wear, traction and force generation." Tire force generation, wear and traction are all said to be crucially determined by what takes place in the tire/road contact patch.
But Witte de With's cultural-political legitimization, and consequently its funding, are crucially dependent on its shows--the institution's most visible side.