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In a single day we have made their wars infinitely more terrible and bloody than in all their past ages they have been able to make them with their crude, primitive weapons.
The 'popular' ballads are the simple and spontaneous expression of the elemental emotion of the people, emotion often crude but absolutely genuine and unaffected.
Muscat: Oman's crude oil and condensate production touched 29.
Account-based crude oil is a new investment and trading product launched by ICBC in March 2013, the first of its kind in Chinese market.
The first tanker carrying 640, 000 barrels of Das Crude headed for Japan from the port of Das Island, some 170 kilometers north-west of Abu Dhabi.
THE price gap of the Indian basket of crude oil imports, which comprises close to 70 per cent of high sulphur, has come down to less than $ 2 per a barrel compared with high- quality Brent crude.
According to official sources, many refineries would introduce the 'bottom upgrade' technology in refineries, through which they would be able process more heavy crude oil.
They have an annual contract with Iran for many years through which they buy crude.
The imported crude is from Syria, which normally sells its crude in Europe.
World crude steel production in the first six months of 2010 was 706 mmt, 27.
The new oil-thinning technique could reduce the difficulty and cost of pumping crude oil, particularly from offshore rigs that feed pipelines passing through deep, cold waters, the scientists say.
Supplies are up, demand is down and experts say the price of a barrel of crude, which hit a record $46.