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EXTRACT. A part of a writing. In general this is not evidence, because the whole of the writing may explain the part extracted, so as to give it a different sense; but sometimes extracts from public books are evidence, as the extracts from the registers of births, marriages and burials, kept according to law, when the whole of the matter has been extracted which relates to the cause or matter in issue.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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mauritiana crude extract fractions against microorganisms Fraction Ec Ps Zone of inhibition (mm) Methanol na na Butanol na na n-Hexane na na Chloroform na na Streptomycin 9.0 [+ or -] (0.1) 9 [+ or -] (0.0.5) Fraction Kp Ent Zone of inhibition (mm) Methanol na na Butanol 2.03 [+ or -] (0.05) 2.0 [+ or -] (0.05) n-Hexane na 2.0 [+ or -] (0.05) Chloroform 2.06 [+ or -] (0.1) 2.0 [+ or -] (0.05) Streptomycin 11 [+ or -] (0.1) 10 [+ or -] (0.1) Fraction Sta Ml Zone of inhibition (mm) Methanol na 7.03 [+ or -] (0.05) Butanol 2.0 [+ or -] (0.05) 15.0 [+ or -] (0.02) n-Hexane 2.03 [+ or -] (0.05) 2.0 [+ or -] (0.11) Chloroform na 7.0 [+ or -] (0.05) Streptomycin 12 [+ or -] (0.1) 12 [+ or -] (0.1) Ec = E.
The yield obtained for each fraction in terms of weight revealed its proportion in the crude extract. This composition determined the concentration at which every fraction was dissolved to be applied in the experiments, allowing an equivalent comparison among fractions, as well as between them and the crude extract.
Results of [LD.sub.50] test on the crude extract of broccoli florets revealed that oral administration of up to 10 g/kg b/wt is safe and did not kill any of the tested animals, thus can be given in high doses without any toxicity.
protein activity % Units//ml (mg) (U/mg) Crude extract 100 936 34 27.52 100 Ammonium 25 475 13 36.53 50.74 sulphate Precipitation After dialysis 20 442.8 08 55.35 45.72 Step Purification factor or fold Crude extract 1 Ammonium 1.31 sulphate Precipitation After dialysis 2.01
At concentrations <400 ppm, the semi-purified extract caused higher mortality rates than the crude extract. But for concentrations >400 ppm no differences were found in mortality rates between extracts (Fig.
We carried out this study to evaluate antifilarial activity of crude extract of seed kernel of C.
For this, 500 [micro]L of the crude extract was incubated with 500 [micro]L of azocasein solution (0.5%) (Sigma Aldrich) in 50 mM sodium acetate buffer, pH 5.0, for 40 min.
Where, R extract is the extraction yield, w crude extract is the crude extract mass, and then, w simplicia is the simplicia mass.
In the present investigation, the crude extract of Caralluma edulis was screened for anti-inflammatory activity using different (acute and chronic) models of inflammation, with aim to rationalize its folklore use in rheumatism.
The mixture was filtered, and the filtrate was concentrated under reduced pressure and temperature of 40[degrees]C using rotary evaporator and afforded (20.6 g) (4.21%) crude extract. Silica gel (150 g) was mixed with 1.5 L of n-hexane, and the slurry was used to pack the column.