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26 Change sources Crude protein Crude fiber yield percentage yield Block 0.
She points, for example, to the finding that while crude fiber, an indicator of insoluble fiber, was most associated with colon-cancer risk reduction, foods whose fiber was almost exclusively insoluble -- grains -- offer no similar risk reduction.
However, Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines safe 'Dried Poultry Litter' as containing [less than or equal to] 15% moisture content, [greater than or equal to] 18% crude protein, and not more than 25% crude fiber, 20% ash and 4% feathers [16].
It could also be associated with an improved retention of protein and crude fiber.
In another study on the proximate analysis of various infested cowpea samples, results indicated higher protein and crude fiber and lower moisture, ash, fats and carbohydrates contents when compared with the un-infested samples.
02 mg / kg- The content of anaerobic bacteria - absent in 0,1 g- Protein content of at least 14%- Crude fiber content below 9%- Salmonella - absent in 0,1 g- Deoxynivalenol - less than 8 mg / kg- Ochratoxin A - below 0.
Diet samples were also analyzed for crude fiber (method 978.
Wheat bran, feed must satisfy n / a parameter - Relative humidity up to 14%- Impurities to 7%,- Total protein content - at least 14%,- Crude fiber content of less than 9%- Quality parameters aflatoxin B-1 - less than 0.
0601 [12] was obtained where GV, CP CF and XA are total gas volume, Crude protein, crude fiber and ash, respectively.
Moisture, crude protein, crude fat, crude ash, and crude fiber contents of DOP were determined according to AOAC (1995) methods.