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The significant results of tomato waste (peel and seeds) powder (TWP) analyzed for chemical analysis (moisture, crude protein and ash and crude fiber contents) are presented in Table 1.
Seed yield per 20 plants, 1000 seed weight (g), pods per plant, seeds per pod, pod length (cm), pod width (cm), seed samples from the harvested plots were also used to determine the crude protein (CP), oil and crude fiber (CF) concentrations.
The crude fiber contents showed same pattern as that of crude protein, however, with 0.
The results showed that there were significant differences between the sensory evaluation, the crude fiber content and the textural property parameters among the various oranges.
In the present study, the crude fiber levels of all the betaine-supplemented SBM-based diets were about half of the non-betaine-supplemented diet.
25; Lipids: samples passed through the cold extraction method, following method by Bligh and Dyer (1959); Carbohydrate: analysis comprised theoretical calculations (by difference) on the results, including crude fiber, according to the formula: % Carbohydrates = 100 - (% moisture + % proteins + % lipids + % ash); Crude fiber: assay was performed according to methodology by Adolfo Lutz Institute - IAL (2008); Total caloric value (kcal): kcal was calculated for 100 g of sample, using Atwater rates (or combustion heat) to lipids (9 kcal [g.
05) was observed for fish whole body crude protein, crude lipid, ash and crude fiber contents.
Observations on plant height (cm), stem diameter (cm), leaf area plant-1 (cm2), dry matter ( Percent), dry matter yield (t ha-1), green fodder yield (t ha-1), crude fat ( Percent), crude protein ( Percent), crude fiber ( Percent) and ash contents ( Percent) were recorded at each harvesting by using standard methods during the course of study.
By law, only four items are required to be listed on a pet food's GA: The minimum amounts of protein and fat; and the maximum amounts of crude fiber and moisture.
The proximate composition of the blends show similarity for all components except relatively higher crude fiber (CF) in BBLW1 and lower ether extract in BBHW1.