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I WAS amazed to see even the verbally incontinent, clip-board dependent Johnny Vaughan out- dumbed on the Big Breakfast by the bizarre Jenny McCarthy, whose crass crudities and inane ramblings made Denise Van Outen sound like Carol Vorderman.
A somewhat rough-and-ready Elgar Third Symphony in Anthony Payne's miraculous reconstruction, despite revealing some previously unheard crudities of scoring, movingly came close to the visionary spirit of this remarkable artefact.
Vegetable crudities are a healthier bet as they're packed with antioxidant vitamins which help prevent cancer and heart disease, and contain less than 10 calories in a whole handful.
Evening brings dishes such as monkfish scampi, scorched lemon, smoked sea salt and chunky tartare, honey-glazed lamb ribs with blackened corn and terrines including smoked chicken and raisin, rabbit and olive, ham hock and pickled onion and chutney, artisan breads and crudities.
Guests can choose from the 42 dining tables or 60 lounge seating options and are welcomed with a lemon mint shooter complimented with crudities.
While we were sampling the wonders from the bar master's stable, came a giant bowl of Crudities (Dh48) comprising fresh vege-tables (baby carrots, baby corn, cherry tomatoes) on crushed ice, topped with ztar leaves and a delightfully truffle scented labneh.
Follow these golden rules 6 Fill up on vegetable crudities and dips, but choose salsa, yoghurt or humous dips over anything cheesy or creamy.
How else to explain how the prophetic encyclical Humanae vitae, which clearly and beautifully lays out principles for marriage and regulation of birth, continues to be greeted with crudities such as "six billion miracles are enough"?
It is, however, important the crudities aren't more numerous than the crudits because this is not a time for entrenched positions.
Adding a touch of casting kudos to the crudities is John Cusack, who also co-produced the movie.