cruel act

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Liberal Democrats will be keeping up the pressure on the Government to think again and scrap the cruel act.
Karachi -- The Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) have rejected the increase in POL prices terming it a cruel act by the present government.
It makes no sense for any more families to be subjected to the torture of having a loved one exhumed and cut up only to find out that no useful information was derived from the cruel act,' the group insisted.
MOST people will be appalled at the cruel act where a man tried to drown a defenceless dog by tying a five-litre drum of water around its collar.
This was a particularly cruel act which would have resulted in the feline's death had she not been found.
Stripping minor girls, in front of the entire school, is unethical and cruel act committed by the teachers who are their lawful custodians and protectors,"the NHRC said, adding that the incident is"gross violation of the right to dignity of the innocent minor girls".
It's just another cruel act by the Tories against the poor.
GENEVA, Sept 11 (KUNA) -- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ibn Al-Hussein on Monday called the attacks on Myanmar's Muslims the most cruel act this minority had faced.
Many lambs die from bad husbandry, disease and by dog attacks: also many hunts actually breed foxes to cub hunt, a very cruel act.
NNA - Resigned Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, denounced on Friday in a statement the horrendous attack in the southern French city of Nice that led to the death of dozens of people, stressing that terrorism has no religion and that those who committed this cruel act were criminals, not at all Muslims.
Within a week we will get these culprits and make them account for this cruel act," he told the GDN.