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I mastered the notion of their communism, and approved of their iron money, with the poverty it obliged them to, yet somehow their cruel treatment of the Helots failed to shock me; perhaps I forgave it to their patriotism, as I had to forgive many ugly facts in the history of the Romans to theirs.
Sir," said Sophia, with a little modest hesitation, "this behaviour is most kind and generous, and such as I could expect only from Mr Allworthy; but as you have been so kind to mention this matter, you will pardon me for saying it hath, indeed, given me great uneasiness, and hath been the occasion of my suffering much cruel treatment from a father who was, till that unhappy affair, the tenderest and fondest of all parents.
I could not make the dog hate me by cruel treatment, and she would not propitiate him by kindness.
But THE GLOBE, a Chicago magazine, gave Martin the most cruel treatment of all.
That master's cruel treatment of his own flesh and blood, and vile designs upon a young girl who interested even his broken- down, drunken, miserable hack, and made him linger in his service, in the hope of doing her some good (as, thank God, he had done others once or twice before), when he would, otherwise, have relieved his feelings by pummelling his master soundly, and then going to the Devil.
The document establishes requirements for the training and training of hunting dogs for hunting purposes only in hunting grounds and only in ways that prevent cruel treatment of animals and physical harm to them.
The Geneva Conventions and its protocols, of which the Philippines is a signatory, includes the prohibition of 'violence to life and person' such as cruel treatment and torture and 'outrages upon personal dignity.
At the same time, the penalty for cruel treatment of animals is punished only by 2 minimum wages.
Alvie's flashbacks throughout the story depict the cruel treatment she endured and sensitive readers may have a difficult time reading about it.
Tribune News Network Geneva The UK police are actively investigating a group of United Arab Emirates (UAE) officials for torture and cruel treatment inflicted on several Qatari nationals, a human rights lawyer has said.
Flores-Barona and Alanas both are charged with cruel treatment of an animal; they are scheduled to appear in court Feb.