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But the memory of that race remained for long in his heart, the cruelest and bitterest memory of his life.
He was no match (and I am sorry to say it) for the man who had wronged him, and he was beaten in the cruelest manner, before the neighbours, who had come to the place on hearing the disturbance, could run in to part them.
Retribution may come from any voice; the hardest, cruelest, most imbruted urchin at the street-corner can inflict it; surely help and pity are rarer things, more needful for the righteous to bestow.
Citing the need for continuous improvement in animal welfare, Nestle has announced it will eliminate many of the cruelest forms of institutionalized animal abuse from its supply chain, including an end to the practices of tail docking and dehorning of dairy cattle, an end to the castration of piglets without painkillers, and the phase-out of growth promoters for poultry.
April, apparently, is the cruelest month for student papers: April Fool's Day editions are especially likely to incur the wrath of the sensitivity police.
The New Yorker calls it ``one the cruelest movies in the history of cinema.
To indulge, one more time, in the metaphor of war as a kind of living thing, a parasite on human societies: The idea of a war to end war is one of its oldest, and cruelest, tricks.
The cruelest irony of all is that the response to these conditions may be to give more water.
I think the cruelest, most inhuman thing they did to him was to keep him in a cell alone most of the time, and they wouldn't allow him to work like the othher prisoners.
To now question her fitness as a mother is the cruelest of accusations to level at her.
With the gutting of the OFDC, poorly managed cuts at the OAC, and extremely limited access to our own screens, nurturing the next David Cronenberg will be next to impossible in this cruelest of climates.
Here quack cures are probably the cruelest and the most expensive.