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That would be very, very cruel on him (AVB) and what he's doing with his team but it would be a damn sight crueller on us.
Crueller still that the hope afforded by a transplant operation should be dashed by the dreadful realisation that his new lungs contained a tumour.
She went on to say that she 'will go on believing that offering a dog a life of sensory deprivation is crueller than killing it' and that she doesn't 'trust people who say overweight, dull-eyed dogs are perfectly happy.
Labour's Peter Hain accused Mr Howard of 'scurrilous, right-wing, ugly tactics', while Mr Kennedy said that the Tory proposal for an annual cap on asylum numbers would lead to a 'much crueller Britain'.
Crueller critics have dubbed Mr Weller the founder of 'Dad Rock' but I can only conclude they have never seen him, or any of his previous bands, perform live.
IT'S Changing Rooms - only crueller and presented by Celia Sawyer, her in the skin-tight leather jumpsuit off C4's antiques dealing series Four Rooms.
The world will be a less safe, less democratic, crueller place.
FILM characters with mental health problems are being depicted as more demonic and crueller than at any time in movie history, according to a new report published.
Does the fact that many viewers now watch shows like The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent to laugh at the hopeless auditionees mean that we're becoming crueller, or has this always been part of the genre's appeal?
And I can't think of a much crueller way for our bodies go wrong than Alzheimer's disease.
If the government is intent on banning predator control with dogs surely the key is to ban cruelty and can somebody please show the evidence that hunting is any crueller than slaughterhouses, shooting, fishing and battery farming.
In my view, traditional hurdles are a far crueller infliction by man on horse than the whip in its current usage, this having been drastically curtailed in recent years.