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He believes that many hostilities and even the cruellest wars have been at least partly caused by sick fear, anxiety and mistrust.
SCOTTISH fans were left in tears last night as the Tartan Army's Euro 2008 dream was crushed in the cruellest of circumstances by an injury-time Italy goal at Hampden Park, writes Ian Wilkerson.
The row is about Namibia's annual cull of some 85,000 seal pups and 6,000 seal bulls between August and November, which is described as the cruellest seal hunt in the world with pups clubbed to death while they're still suckling.
The cruellest irony', writes Misty Bernall, was that Cassie would not have been at Columbine had her parents not pulled her out of another school, in order to rescue her from the sort of evils that drove the two young killers.
The seductive embrace of girls dissembling love in the riot of Carnival nights, escaping into the dawn, was the cruellest charade; at these rituals of youth, he felt betrayed by age.
THE X FACTOR UTV 7pm We arrive at the cruellest moment in the talent show, as contestants re-audition for a place.
This is the cruellest of cuts, how can a school uniform be compared to this, or Sure Start for that matter?
people not But Tom Greatrex, the MP who has campaigned for reform of the fitness to work test, said: "It beggars belief that people suffering from in cruellest illnesses like cancer and dementia are having to go through this process over and over again.
But no matter how often anyone assures Jadwiga that she was helpless against the power of that cruelLest of seas, a bit of her will always believe that, somehow, she could have saved Eryk.
Mr Siddique said: "Rape is one of the cruellest and most degrading offences, and prosecuting it can be diffi-cult.
uk/galle ries "Bent suffers the TWITTER MOBILE cruellest cut" - sports Get The Journal Follow our writer Mark Douglas on your Twitter feeds starts his World Cup blog mobile phone www.
With just 21 days to Christmas, the announcement is the cruellest one of all for the 1,700 workers who have fought tooth and nail to try to save their jobs.