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This freak accident, for which no one is to blame, has cruelly robbed us of a daughter who with beauty, wit and vitality lit our life with joy.
It upset me to see that such a terrible thing can get so out of hand so quickly and that a man's life can be affected so cruelly.
You can't blame ``Pola X's'' wallowing, cruelly intellectualized romanticism entirely on its being French.
I can't think of anything more cruelly calculated to hurt Patsy Kensit, mother of his 13-month-old son Lennon.
The ferret-eyed Amendola has a cruelly mellifluous voice and manner, like a circus ringmaster, lending credence to Pozzo's assertion that ``I am perhaps not particularly human.
One drinking club (all male, more's the pity), called the Cocktail Club, has cruelly crushed the aspirations of its tech- head vice president who is eyeing the top job.
2 percent margin, sheared the fur off of a ballot measure that would have forced furriers to alert customers that pelts may have come from animals that were cruelly murdered.
HARD to believe, but there's a City do from which I have been cruelly excluded (sniff).
As far as the last show, we haven't talked about it much,'' Nelson said - although they ``had a good laugh'' proposing that Crow the robot would mount a ``harmless little puppet show,'' after which Mike ``comes in and cruelly cancels it.
A MUM movingly relived her last moments with her "gorgeous girl" before she cruelly lost her cancer battle.
River had such talent and such humility, such charm and such innocence it seems so unfair that he can be taken so cruelly from us like this.