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CRUISE, mar. law. A voyage or expedition in quest of vessels or fleets of the enemy which may be expected to sail through any particular track of the sea, at a certain season of the year the region in which these cruises are performed is usually termed the rendezvous or cruising latitude.
     2. When the ships employed for this purpose, which are accordingly called cruisers, have arrived at the destined station, they traverse the sea, backwards and forwards, under an easy sail, and within a limited space, conjectured to be in the track of their expected adversaries. Wesk. Ins. h.t.; Lex Merc. Rediv. 271, 284; Dougl. 11. 509; Park. Ins. 58; Marsh. Ins. 196, 199, 520; 2 Gallis. 268.

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In fact it was the Russian Waterways cruises that sparked the renewed interest in river cruising about a decade ago.
Called Personal Choice Cruising, the concept is centered around a special dining plan that allows passengers to eat dinner whenever they wish between 5:30 and 10 p.
Perceptions about cruising have changed," says Denine Rodney, vice president for Accent Travel and Tours, a black-owned travel agency in New York City.
One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises is a global cruise and tour company operating a fleet of 15 modern ships renowned for their innovative design and wide array of choices in dining, entertainment and amenities, all provided in an environment of exceptional customer service.
But because it romanticized cruising, people are not hung up on the tragedy.
NCL's Freestyle Cruising turns traditional cruising on its head and is characterized, in particular, by having no fixed dining times, no formal dress codes, relaxed disembarkation, up to 10 different restaurants and even more lounges, bars, theatres and other entertainment and activity options.
The cruising industry's good news - that bookings are stronger in this fall season, which traditionally is soft - may not be so beauteous for passengers.
The relationship allows us to combine the beauty of cruising the world's oceans and the relaxing atmosphere of our yachtlike ships with time-honored and unique spa treatments to offer our guests a total sense of renewal through a very special and memorable spa experience.
When it comes to cruising in style, ultraluxury ships float in a pretty rarified realm.
The new ships, with the project name "F3", will incorporate a world of new features and will represent NCL's third generation of Freestyle Cruising ships, a further evolution of NCL's progressive dismantling of the structure, regimentation, and constraints of the traditional cruise experience.