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The summer crumble takes all this loveliness and lightens it up.
To show that the sausage-style crumbles look and function the same way in a dish that traditional sausage crumbles would, the package sports an appetizing picture of spaghetti in "meat" sauce.
The main purpose of Savoury Crumbles is to provide an alternative to the pastry lid on a ready to fill quiche shell but any of the Crumbles can be used as a replacement for breadcrumbs round a scotch egg for example.
Sayers managing director Michael Quinlan welcomes the back-to-basics dessert and says: "Our crumbles offer the comfort of a freshly-baked, traditional pudding to busy people on the move.
Inspired by a French heritage rich in culture and cuisine, Chatel Farms Beef Crumbles are now available at Wal-Marts nationwide and Kroger stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tenn-essee.
If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles and falls.
Place the crumbles on a baking tray and bake for 35 to 40 minutes until golden and bubbling.
1 -- cover -- color) cobblers, crumbles & crisps
based Roth Kase USA has introduced easy-to-reseal modified atmosphere packaging that maintains the freshness of its specialty cheese crumbles.
Both crumbles are layered with vanilla brulee custard and topped with a crunchy all butter crumble topping--a real textured treat
Like all Organic Valley dairy products, organic cheese crumbles are made without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides.
EVER WONDER HOW TO USE HALF A PACKAGE of veggie burgers, Tofurky[TM], soy crumbles, or other vegan "meat" products?