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Connecticut homeowners with crumbling foundations can breathe easier tonight knowing theyre getting significant longer-term federal relief to repair their homes, said the Senators.
About quarter of the bricks are showing signs of crumbling.
BUILDERS have been forced to fix crumbling homes that they repaired less than a year ago.
I think it was a case of a referee crumbling under the pressure at Old Trafford really," said Jenas.
Crumbling buildings, together with old and run-down classrooms, appear to be common in many of our schools.
They are great for crumbling over salads and fruit, making dips, or to use in baking.
EVERY once in a while, some worthy organization produces an important report spelling out what everyone already knew intuitively - that the local infrastructure that's crucial to maintaining our economy and quality of life is crumbling.
Initially, she planned to turn the crumbling structure into a bed-and-breakfast but zoning laws would allow only a museum or wine-tasting business.
Stephen has a crumbling interior but a lively ministry to street people," it said, and that was it.
DUNDEE'S Steven Boyack is tired of every sentence about his club seeming to have the word crumbling in it.
A few years later, living in Manhattan, I would tour the most forgotten and decaying portions of New York City I dared to venture in, to gaze at crumbling wharves and shuttered factories and sealed warehouses, possessed by their mystery and the sense that they represented entropy in action, a material prophecy of the future.
Similarly, through this research, the FHWA hopes to shrink the problem of crumbling roads down to size.