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While the crumbly is the old traditional and perhaps not the purest, it still remains my favourite - it brings back childhood memories of it rolling off your cream crackers, trying to capture every mouthful of those glorious pearls.
In addition, adding soluble cocoa fiber to the muffins increased their moisture levels, gave them a more tender and crumbly texture, and reduced signs of hardening during storage.
Dave Crumbly, vice president of fruit control at Florida's Natural Growers, the third largest U.
The jazz band selectees were bass player Joshua Crumbly, a sophomore, and Steve Nelson, guitar player, a junior.
Vintage Cheddar is aged 18 months, and is extra sharp with a slight crumbly texture.
Profile: Tart and zesty, with a crumbly texture, like a mellower aged cheddar
To make the topping, lightly rub butter into flour and sugar until crumbly.
The cheeses they make are Queso Fresco (literally "fresh cheese"), a crumbly cheese with a fresh, slightly salty flavor that is perfect for sprinkling into soup or over a salad; Panela, a smooth cheese similar to Mozzarella that can be used in cooked dishes such as enchiladas or pizzas; and naturally-flavored yogurt cheese.
Some of the delectable recipes are: Deep-Fried Tofu Balls, Croquettes, Tofu Curry, Braised Beef and Tofu, and Crumbly Scrambled Tofu.
What's unique here is that you don't even have to wait for the cake to completely cool, so no more crumbly cake creations for that special birthday party.
When they pulled us over, we were a sugary mess and we had trash bags full of old crumbly donuts.
A coarse sand will make for a crumbly mortar and is hard to work