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6] CRUSADE score [5] consists of eight factors, namely, sex, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, evidence of heart failures, hematocrit, creatinine clearance rate (Ccr), systolic blood pressure, and heart rate.
The Race for Paradise: An Islamic History of the Crusades.
The matter was half-heartedly discussed in the Commons for a couple of minutes, before the Crusade and its objectives were effectively fobbed off.
He says: "Whereas most people are aware of the Jarrow Crusade, some perhaps don't know why it took place.
Under these apathetic conditions, one would not have expected any sort of response to the Crusaders, who embarked for the First Crusade in 1095.
The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) declared the unveiling of its broadband measurement crusade that permits users to examine their internet pace, and to specify the performance of their stationary and mobile broadband connection.
The first Crusade liberated the Holy Land from the Muslims.
For example, when discussing difficulties surrounding the fourth crusade, Madden says, "It was a difficult summer for the crusaders.
The crusade years 1933-1955; Herbert Hoover's lost memoir of the New Deal era and its aftermath.
While Crusades scholars have long recognized the role played by families in supporting and encouraging their kin to participate in a crusade, this work reveals the many ways and processes in which this was brought to fruition.
CRUSADE, surprise winner of the 2011 Middle Park Stakes, has entered quarantine in Britain in preparation for beginning his stallion career in South Africa, writes Martin Stevens.
The editor, Conor Kostick, sees this volume as a "dialogue" between cultural and crusade studies and the articles represent a distillation of research currently conducted within the latter field (p.