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Now just at midnight, every night, the lost heiress stood in the mouth of her cave, arrayed in white robes, and sang a little love ballad which her Crusader had made for her.
And now came the Crusader home, bronzed and battle-scarred, but bringing a great and splendid fame to lay at the feet of his bride.
Toward midnight the Crusader came floating down the river in a boat, with his trusty cross-bow in his hands.
The Crusader went away to the wars again, and presently fell in battle, fighting for the Cross.
There seemed to come up from its waters and its vine-clad hills and valleys a hushed music as of Crusaders departing for the Holy Land.
If the crusaders come in full armor," said the other, "you must be careful not to drown your ancestors.
Some set out, like Crusaders of old, with a glorious equipment of hope and enthusiasm and get broken by the way, wanting patience with each other and the world.
The Crusaders had brought back with them experiences of domestic luxuries, of Damascus carpets and rugs of Aleppo, which made them impatient of the hideous bareness and want of privacy which they found in their ancestral strongholds.
These martial strains seemed as far away as Palestine, and reminded me of a march of crusaders in the horizon, with a slight tantivy and tremulous motion of the elm tree tops which overhang the village.
Outstanding Supplier Awards Also Presented to Four Crusader Top Vendors
Crusader Energy Corporation ("Crusader") today announced that it has entered into a definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement to sell all of its outstanding stock to Encore Acquisition Company ("Encore"), headquartered in Ft.
Although it was all tied at 18 with less than a minute on the clock, a Crusader foul allowed the Flyers an 18-20 advantage after the first.