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The crushing strength of tablets was determined at room temperature by diametrical compression using a Ketan Hardness tester.
The initial values of the crushing strength of the OC particles are not a suitable characteristic to evaluate the particle lifetime in the process.
Crushing strength of 10 randomly selected tablets was determined using a hardness tester (DBK Instruments, India).
were tested for cold crushing strength, spalling resistance and permanent linear change on reheating.
Values for maximum crushing strength could not be obtained under the conditions employed since the spongy obliterated phloem tissues between the periderm tissues were so weak, and failed continuously, that an abrupt mechanical failure could not be recorded.
0] recurrent selection for high stalk crushing strength (Zuber, 1973).
The weight-bearing capacity of the Florida Mat Rental system is not as dependent on the crushing strength of the wood as it is on the weight-bearing strength of the soil system below.
Methods of testing clay pipe for crushing strength, absorption; and acid resistance are outlined in ASTM C301, "Standard Method of Testing Vitrified Clay Pipe.
I measured maximal crushing strength and prey handling times of redear and pumpkinseed sunfish when feeding on gastropods (hard-bodied prey).
The stress levels are below the crushing strength for most rock types.
In addition, the wood is resilient, with a medium bending and crushing strength and low stiffness and resistance to shock loads.