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New songs including Rise Up and Native Blood were immense and melodic, but crushingly heavy, backed with thunderous blast beats.
The answer is a mixed bag, offering dizzying highs and crushingly disappointing lows.
Bulgaria's prime minister has furiously slammed expectations that Brussels is about to issue a crushingly critical report for the country's alleged failure to reform its courts, reduce corruption, and fight organized crime.
Saffy - or sweetie-darling as her mother mostly calls her - takes no end of abuse from the pair, who make it quite clear that they find her sensible attitude crushingly dull.
It's a crushingly tough game but knowingly and mischievously so.
Regrettably, my expectations were cruelly deflated by this crushingly disappointing movie.
However, once the initial wow wears off, it becomes crushingly apparent that all of the time and effort has been lavished on the visuals and screenwriters John Orloff and Emil Stern haven't lavished the same care and attention on what comes out of the characters' beaks.
The Sword, TJs, Newport (Tuesday April 1) Crushingly heavy Texan rockers who, and I'm sure they'll forgive me for saying it, sound as if they've given Ozzy-era Sabbath a wee bit more than the odd cursory listen.
21), in its examination of disparate souls seeking meaning in New York City, is laudably ambitious but crushingly pretentious, despite the presence of such respected stars as Campbell Scott and Hope Davis.
After the manically adrenaline-fuelled March, the death-welcoming finale was crushingly rendered - and a handful of people who obviously didn't possess an atom of sensitivity between them exploded into applause the nano-second Jurowski quietly signalled the end of the last fading heartbeat.
They won crushingly 6-1 over the two legs, but missed out on the championship, finishing a deeply disappointing fifth.
Chrissie's bunny boiler special with the scissors, the resulting Nail Bar brawl, Chrissie's crushingly triumphant farewell to Den .