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Let me make it clear, the benefits of crushingly boring navel-gazing gadgets are the ideal way to prove to your other half how much more you do and how much less sleep you get than him.
But they're unable to unshackle BGT from its crushingly rigid formula - programme-cluttering holding-room chatter, woeful act opens proceedings, more woeful acts signal the arrival of a good one, a judges montage, and funny foreigners.
I have read the victim impact statement - the loss will be crushingly hard to bear.
The company's approach to redefining what we can expect from the luxury car class was so crushingly thorough, the S-Class still stands out like a beacon four years after its launch," the magazine said.
Bell's Kitchen (ITV, weeknights), meanwhile, is reserved for those pseudo-celebrities so crushingly inane that highlighting their mere existence is deemed punishment enough for whatever tepid crimes against taste and culture they long ago perpetrated.
They fight the good but crushingly tedious fight for fairness against a U.
gt;In a nutshell: Crushingly conventional, but with the requisite laughs and heart.
But it's also quite possible that such a planet would have a crushingly deep, dense greenhouse atmosphere far thicker than even that of hellish Venus.
The artist's clunky hiking boots, dragging across the floor, somehow make the whole uneasy affair even more crushingly awkward as she flips her head in a variety of uncomfortable-looking positions.
After the manically adrenaline-fuelled March, the death-welcoming finale was crushingly rendered - and a handful of people who obviously didn't possess an atom of sensitivity between them exploded into applause the nano-second Jurowski quietly signalled the end of the last fading heartbeat.
They won crushingly 6-1 over the two legs, but missed out on the championship, finishing a deeply disappointing fifth.
Its subject is that of the fate of men faced with the deprivations, cruelties, and absurdities of army life--men striving to retain a sense of their own dignity and humanity in a system crushingly indifferent to even the most basic of human needs.