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TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami underlined Iran's capability to swiftly and crushingly respond to different types of threats by enemies.
Mine's a Fitbit, his is a Garmin, so to avoid confusion let's call them crushingly boring navel-gazing gadgets because these are the days of self-obsession and self-analysis.
"Having listened to his effort, it strikes me the real crime of Mike Read's deathless ditty is not that it is either racial or distasteful as much as crushingly unfunny." Actor Michael Simkins on the former DJ's UKIP Calypso.
"Having listened to his effort, the real crime of Mike Read's deathless ditty is not that it is either racial or distasteful as much as crushingly unfunny" Actor Michael Simkins, left, on the former DJ's controversial Ukip Calypso.
- soon to be replaced by Personal Independence Payment - is crushingly bad news for more than 600,000 disabled people, says a leading campaigner.
A crushingly heavy dub groove rumbled in the background as the band sang the booming chorus as a group harmony.
Taking the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath as a starting point, the trio slowed things down to allow each crushingly heavy note to fill the room.
They say they came together to play "crushingly heavy music with groove and melody".
However, once the initial wow wears off, it becomes crushingly apparent that all of the time and effort has been lavished on the visuals and screenwriters John Orloff and Emil Stern haven't lavished the same care and attention on what comes out of the characters' beaks.
After all, these are companies that for decades have failed to address the threat to their competitiveness of crushingly expensive labor agreements and which too often have placed short-term gain over long-term sustainability - while foreign automakers captured much of the market.
The Sword, TJs, Newport (Tuesday April 1) Crushingly heavy Texan rockers who, and I'm sure they'll forgive me for saying it, sound as if they've given Ozzy-era Sabbath a wee bit more than the odd cursory listen.
AFAQUE CHAUDRY, the petrol station manager, told the Nuneaton Telegraph that he was "crushingly embarrassed and absolutely flabbergasted" to learn of the incident.