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S100 Elite Laptop Backpack: Protects all 15-inch laptops and 17-inch Apple[R] products with a built-in, watertight, crushproof Pelican case.
Peli ProGear Sport Wallet (Coming soon) : Built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, the Sport Wallet is crushproof and water-resistant and will hold keys, identification cards, credit cards, cash and more.
Since then he has starred as Bertie in the film version of Roddy Doyle's The Snapper, Sam in The Van, and also starred in the movies Crushproof and Dirty Old Town.
Others include the Expandable Lunch Tote (above right), designed to adjust to all size lunches, and the Crushproof Lunch Carrier, which can help avoid smashed bags of chips when the noon bell rings.
He has already had roles in The Van, The Butcher Boy, Crushproof, The Boxer, The General, The Mammy and Felicia's Journey.
Green and polarized lenses are available for other Tasco styles, which also come with a soft, black pouch or crushproof case.
Rinse berries and carry in a crushproof container; a meal for one or two fits easily into a backpack.