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Overall, it can only be a very good thing that owners in the bargain basement-none of the 22 runners cost as much as 30,000gns-should have a crack at a pool which totals pounds 361,000 and only the crustiest curmudgeon could cavil at the admirable Boomerang Blade coming back up the Doncaster straight to earn more than the winner of the 2,000 Guineas.
I find there are things to glean from the most novice wannabe (desire, enthusiasm) to the crustiest old-timer (knowledge, skills, gumption) that help me in my particular lifestyle.
It also has enough down-to-earth applications to gladden the heart of the crustiest forester.
But he's killing it in dirty Jersey, skating the crustiest spots and killing it.
When disgusted by the hypocrisy of some pompous politician or venal VIP, John Junor, that crustiest of all columnists, would finish off a splendidly splenetic piece with the words 'Pass the sick bag, Alice.