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A recent call from a movie researcher in California triggered some crusty old memories for your Field Correspondent, who seems to be experiencing more mental crustiness all the .
Little Busy Bodies also did testing and focus groups to determine if Boogie Wipes was effective in cleaning up the crustiness that forms around the nose from a cold, which is what differentiates these wipes from competitors, according to Ms.
You want this to happen so the hash browns have a crustiness.
Warburtons said the loaves - named after the striped pattern on the crust - had the flavour and crustiness of just-baked bread, but contained ingredients that gave them the shelf life of wrapped sliced bread.
That crustiness could quickly surface if he thought someone had unfairly maligned Thomas Wolfe or his work.
A wood-fired brick and concrete oven provides the perfect crustiness to the bakery's parma braids, country levain loaves and tortanos.
This inflammatory type of tinea capitis is characterized by pustules, papules, and crustiness of the scalp.
Soane's crustiness strained his relations with other architects and the Royal Academy, so that the house played an important part in fostering the social recognition that was a delight to him.
In Xeriscapes, the most appropriate mulches are those that are organic, fine-textured, and that do not develop a water-repelling crustiness over time.