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In the 72-page memoir, Roberts claimed she almost vomited when she saw Groening's "yellow crusty toenails".
When the chicken is cooked through, leave to rest for a few minutes before serving with crusty bread and salad, if you like.
Tip into a large bowl and serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices.
It's easy as it transpires, and it is not that the Atlantic Salmon has a penchant for long cruises around the world, (as Mrs CRUSTY does,) it is because Atlantic is a 'breed' of salmon, and not a reference to the location it is caught in.
Remove from the oven and serve immediately in the box, with the chutney and hot crusty bread.
| The Ship and Mitre, 133, Dale Street, Liverpool Ma Egerton's Scouse at Ma Egerton's pub is served with pickled cabbage, crusty bread and butter.
BRIAN replies: There are various causes of crusty ears.
Serve immediately with thick, crusty bread or with freshly cooked hot rice.
Available to those aged from 14 to 19, the course, known as Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, actively develops young people's knowledge and practical skills within a modern, impressive training kitchen and restaurant, which incorporates the increasingly popular Crusty Bites service available to local businesses and households.
For a dinner party, bring this pot of clams--rich with peppers and smoky sausage--to the table and serve with crusty bread to sop up the juices.
CONSUMERS CAN ADD A SLICE OF WHIMSY AND PRACTICALITY TO THEIR KITCHEN TOOLS ASSORTMENT with the new Kuhn Rikon Baguette Knife Colon, designed to make clean and easy cuts through crusty baguettes and other French breads.
It was itchy and crusty, and her head was pounding.