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Yna am 2pm: cynhelir cyngerdd Yr Eglwys Gadeiriol gan Y Datgeiniaid - Gwilym Morus, Twm Morys, Gareth Sion a'r telynorion, Gwenan Gibbard a Paul Dooley o'r Iwerddon a'r unawdydd ffidl traddodiadol a'r crwth, Cass Meurig.
When scored by this dictionary, my solution loses an additional five words (byre, crwth, dight, qoph and qursh), whereas Jerry's solution surprises again by losing only one word (qoph).
Bob Evans on crwth and the vocals of Mary-Anne Roberts provided their unique take on Welsh music and poetry from the 14th to the 18th centuries.
SongChain is a celebration of Welsh music heritage, which brings together 10 noted musicians for an evening that begins with an ancient melody played on the Welsh crwth - the first musician is joined by another to form a duet, each giving a bilingual introduction.
During the day there are workshops for all abilities including a chance to play fiddle for the first time, a guitar workshop and for the more daring, an opportunity to try the crwth (a medieval bowed lyre), and the musical saw.
Not yet having attempted a solution, I can't be sure that it is, but as soon as I can find my crwth .
The instrumentalists play baroque flute and violin, harpsichord, guitar and crwth and are joined by Siona Stockel, soprano.
Mae'r aelodau - Robert Evans sy'n chwarae'r crwth, a Mary-Anne Roberts, sy'n canu - yn defnyddio llawysgrif telynor o'r Oesoedd Canol fel sail i'w gwaith.