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Maternity Nurse Gina Ford, author of The New Contented Little Baby Book, believes in leaving a baby to cry for 10-20 minutes if he is simply fighting sleep.
"Don't Cry for Yourself, Argentina," Agence France Presse
Note that the question made no reference to the intensity or duration of crying, so when 95.1 per cent of participants said they were likely to cry for the death of someone close no distinction was made between, at the one extreme, a single brief stab of tears-in-eyes at the graveside and, at the other extreme, prolonged episodes of convulsive sobbing occurring over days or weeks of the bereavement period.
A notorious human crybaby, according to her older siblings, parents and the building superintendent, will cry for two hours every two hours, refusing to acknowledge any distinction between crying and other basic infant activities, like"being awake" or"breathing." Current and former whine enthusiasts, take heart.
I let Zac cry for 10 minutes before going to him, but it was so hard at first.
Did rock too hard, though, a couple of times and got a very shrill cry for rough handling.
Babies cry for a variety of reasons, including hunger and thirst, being hot or cold, wanting attention, tiredness, discomfort and pain.
Babies cry for many reasons, including being hungry, cold, hot, tired or in pain.
IF you don't respond, he'll cry for longer, continuing until he gets the attention that he needs.