cry for help

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But it seemeth to me that ye are badly adapted for company: ye make one another's hearts fretful, ye that cry for help, when ye sit here together?
I had only to induce her to follow me when I stepped on the deck, to seize her in my arms, and to jump overboard with her before she could utter a cry for help.
I could almost see the cry for help rising to her lips.
Instead a lusty cry for greater speed ahead urged the sinuous muscles gliding beneath the sleek brown hides; and when Muda Saffir rose to the surface with a cry for help upon his lips Ninaka shouted back to him in derision, consigning his carcass to the belly of the nearest crocodile.
On the spot where I had heard the cry for help from the burning room, on the spot where the panic-stricken servant had dropped on his knees, a fussy flock of poultry was now scrambling for the first choice of worms after the rain; and on the ground at my feet, where the door and its dreadful burden had been laid, a workman's dinner was waiting for him, tied up in a yellow basin, and his faithful cur in charge was yelping at me for coming near the food.
She had no voice to cry for help, no power to move, but lay still, watching it.
The woman added, "We could hear a faint cry for help and we began searching.
Arturo almost drowned but was able to cry for help and was rescued by villagers there.
Summary: Suspects stabbed victim in his behind when he ran to balcony to cry for help, stole his belongings
Attempts to commit suicide are not attention seeking behavior but more of a cry for help.
A MAN who called police in a cry for help tried to damage their vehicle when they arrived, a court heard.
It may have been a cry for help on your part, though if it was it was a most bizarre way of crying for help.