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Just a few flakes of the white stuff have to fall from the skies and the entire population seems to cry off school and head for the fields for a few hours of sledging, snowman building and hurling snowballs at elderly drivers.
With so many of the town's 'stars' making themselves unavailable, the Meltham player frequently finds himself making last-minute phone calls, when one or more people cry off.
But unlucky PATSY KENSIT, up for three gongs, had to cry off because of illness.
The Reds had agreed he could join Stratford but, a couple of hours before last week's friendly, Field had to cry off because of work commitments.
Sadly, Lord Whitty, who was to open the show, had to cry off when he saw the cancellations board at the London station.
Besson is ready to have Transporter 3 director Oliver Megaton shoot the film this year, but when Neeson tried to cry off he assembled a list of potential replacements and let the news leak out to the Ballymena-born star.
The visitors, despite suffering a late cry off from skipper Mark Williams with a stomach bug, took an early lead when winger Neil Best touched down following a kick and chase.