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The comparable theories most relevant to explaining why crying foul can be reasonably expected to counter questionable tactics are those that approach argumentation as interaction, as an exchange between speaker and auditors involving bilateral vectors of communication.
The International Marine Mammal Project and other environmental and fair trade groups are crying foul.
But Durham County Council leader Albert Nugent claims the city council is simply "crying foul".
Instead of crying foul, officials should now cut their losses.
Indeed, environmentalists in India are already crying foul over government-subsidized bamboo extraction from that country's supposedly protected forests, including the world-renowned Nagarjunasagar Tiger Reserve.
Though the White House confirmed otherwise, Bloch soon told Congress that he could not enforce the law for gays and lesbians because it covers employees "on the basis of conduct." And the recent deletion of a long-maintained page from the Department of Health and Human Services Web site for gays and lesbians struggling with substance abuse has many gay leaders crying foul.
Some bitter people are crying foul over inside info, but that's the way it goes.
Residents of New York City may be excited to see their home values pass the $1 million mark, but the buyers of these big-ticket digs are crying foul. They've been nailed by a new state-ordered "mansion tax." Essentially, the 1 percent tax is added to the closing costs on any house sold for $1 million or more in the state.
THE chorus of Lefties crying foul over Parliament's endorsement of war in the Gulf makes me reach for the sickba g.
Bennett's company could receive as much as $2.5 million in public funds, and that has some critics crying foul. "This sounds like a scheme to make Texas taxpayers pay for vouchers to fund home schools," Carolyn Boyle, coordinator for the Coalition for Public Schools, told the Houston Chronicle.
A coalition of property owners and advertisers is crying foul over proposed zoning restrictions that could eliminate outdoor signage from many Manhattan neighborhoods.
People who believed themselves fairly, if not lavishly, paid just a few months ago are crying foul over what newer hires are being paid.