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There were five different types of symbols along the continuum from the cryptic signal to the warning signal.
ARMYs' (the fandom) anticipation heightened when the BBMA producer Mike Mahan, also posted this cryptic tweet in reply to a fan's question regarding the group's participation in the show.
Cryptic Disk 4 released by Exlade picks up the baton from TrueCrypt offering support for encrypted containers produced by this abandoned software.
A few years ago I'm doing a gig for a (here comes cryptic clue number one) modern comic who was known for drinking a lot but now only drinks tea with his simian friend - I know it's not cryptic, but I think you know which Tea Comic I'm talking about.
FINAL CUT 3 CRYPTIC tale is stylish but lacks drama Looks all white to me...
If you know of an interesting office, industrial or retail premises, simply send a colour photograph and a cryptic clue of up to 30 words to for consideration.
Four cryptic clues, one each day, will provide the four parts of the Daily Record codewords that you can use to enter the Da Vinci holiday contest.
With songs like "Noah's Ark" and "Armageddon," and a shout out to Martin Luther in "K-Hole," Bianca and Sierra Casady have something biblical on their minds, even though the cryptic lyrics don't make it easy to decipher.
The three bumblers patiently wait to learn the location of the missing bullion, via the cryptic map that Caley has, while a slick detective has his eye on them all.
The Journal received calls, emails and letters from some readers who thought the new cryptic crossword was too difficult.
When Ivy goes out on her own, the only news of her comes in the form of cryptic postcards until she shows up, humiliated, mortified, and personally disillusioned, on her family's doorstep needing them to save her from herself and the violent man who insists that Ivy loves him and is determined to make her admit it.
The larger installation, Memorial Project Minamata: Neither Either nor Neither--A Love Story, 2002-2003, is more cryptic. Scenes of children playing near smokestacks are projected onto four screens.