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This great reduction in Trichoderma spore production should decrease on-farm disease pressure even if low-level cryptic colonies may still be present.
Divisions of Atari, SA include Cryptic Studios, Atari London Studio, Eden Studios, Atari Interactive, Inc.
Cult film director Jim Jarmusch's latest minimalist film is a sleek and stylish number that is intriguing and ambitious, but also way too cryptic and incoherent for its own good.
The thorax of the cryptic mantis is very thin and elongated, similar to that of the wandering violin mantis, Gonglus gonglodes.
OUT IN FRONT Richard Johnson and Cryptic clear an early flight before landing the Clydesdale Bank Novices' Hurdle at Wincanton yesterday.
Cryptic Peach trainer Andreas Lunesu, one of the world's most qualified Apple trainers, said: "This is a fantastic resource, not only for the people of Merseyside and Great Britain but also for businessmen and women throughout Europe.
Cryptic Software said the solution monitors more than 320 categories of threat and risk, such as sex sites, paedophilia, suicide sites, bomb making, music pirating and the divulging of personal information.
Before he dies, the murdered man leaves cryptic clues that only his estranged granddaughter Sophie (``Amelie'' imp Audrey Tautou) and visiting Harvard ``symbologist'' Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks, with controversial hair) can figure out -- if the Paris police or Silas don't catch them first.
After five years of a self-imposed exile in rural Nebraska, she must face her personal demons and learn the meaning of the cryptic letter Judge Jones left for her just a few hours before be took his own life.
Portland's Nkondi will go last in what Cryptic Weevil, the event's organizer, says is the style least like Cage's of the four slated performances.
With songs like "Noah's Ark" and "Armageddon," and a shout out to Martin Luther in "K-Hole," Bianca and Sierra Casady have something biblical on their minds, even though the cryptic lyrics don't make it easy to decipher.
The Journal received calls, emails and letters from some readers who thought the new cryptic crossword was too difficult.