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LAST WEEK'S WINNERS Cryptic No 12054 Paul Sargent, Acocks Green.
I am delighted that crossword tutors are bringing their expertise and enthusiasm for teaching cryptic crosswords to Liverpool".
And encryption abilities of Cryptic Disk 4 greatly overcome those of the terminated program.
The discovery of cryptic species for the Nile crocodile is not only important from an academic point of view for proper classification, but also from the standpoint of maintaining genetic diversity and preserving the distinct species.
For its part, Atari said it was selling Cryptic Studios to continue focusing on key strategic franchises and growth into emerging game platforms.
A (NYSE:ATA)(Euronext :ATA), an interactive entertainment company, have today entered into an agreement under which Perfect World will acquire 100% equity interest in Cryptic Studios Inc, an online game developer, from Atari, the sole shareholder of Cryptic Studios.
I was particularly proud of this achievement because I've always seen cryptic crosswords as incomprehensible gibberish and it was the first time I've even come close to finishing one.
Unprotected grain in compost helps turn cryptic infestations into full blown Trichoderma Disease outbreaks.
Divisions of Atari, SA include Cryptic Studios, Atari London Studio, Eden Studios, Atari Interactive, Inc.
Cult film director Jim Jarmusch's latest minimalist film is a sleek and stylish number that is intriguing and ambitious, but also way too cryptic and incoherent for its own good.
The delicate creature on this month's issue is Sybilla pretiosa, a species of mantis found in southern Africa, also known as the cryptic mantis.
CHELTENHAM is on the horizon for Cryptic as the 6-4 favourite decimated his rivals in the Clydesdale Bank "National Hunt" Novices' Hurdle.