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Apart from the spiders' cryptic coloration, the key adaptation to survival in the cover-free habitat seems utilization of underground space, i.e.
Seven unambiguous changes from cryptic to bright coloration occurred (CI = 0.30, RI = 0.30), but no reversals from iridescent to cryptic coloration were observed.
Using standard audio-visual survey techniques to collect biological information on this species has been difficult because of the low light levels encountered during the murrelet's early morning and late evening flights to nesting areas and because of the small size, cryptic coloration, and rapid flight speed of these birds.
Several studies have looked at melanistic squirrels in the context of predator avoidance or cryptic coloration (Kiltie, 1989; Kiltie, 1992a, b); however, in this study we look at the potential thermal benefits of melanism.
Reds and hoarys hide themselves and their young among the foliage where they rely on their cryptic coloration for protection from predators.