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The S10's Dynamic AMOLED provides crystal-clear quality in all conditions -- even under bright sunlight Image Credit: Supplied An artistic selfie camera
now edge The 2,420-seat cinema now boasts 11 cuttingedge screens delivering crystal-clear images
A description on the Visit Pembrokeshire website said: "With swathes of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, Barafundle has been voted many times as one of the best beaches in Britain and the world.
Tim walks you through each step in plain English and crystal-clear video.
Crystal-clear definitions of 25,000 entries, covering 90 subfields of psychology from clinical and cognitive psychology to psychopharmacology and statistics, appendices on entries from categories such as biographies, psychological tests, and psychotherapies, and a "quick guide" to easily acquaint the reader with stylistic and formatting features, and much more.
Without once uttering the words of his album's title (which sprung from a neighbor's comment overheard by his wife), Keith speaks crystal-clear, un-PC volumes about the conferral of privilege and the iconography of a continually in-flux experience of contextual whiteness placed in combat with conspicuously non-white cultures.
All recipes are delineated with extensive, crystal-clear step-by-step instructions.
(1) I am making many discoveries from a book which, while it has a strong US orientation, is still crystal-clear and practical about what and how Catholics should believe: 50 Questions on the Natural Law--What It Is and Why We Need It by Charles Rice (updated edition, which includes and integrates John Paul II's teaching).
Regular phone lines are about to go the way of the dodo, thanks in part to Speakeasy Voice Over IP, a phone service provider delivering crystal-clear communication via your existing DSL connection.
Crystal-clear, full-color photographs of every item ensure that Sasanian And Post-Sasanian Glass In The Corning Museum Of Glass is the next best thing to paying a visit to the museum in person.
Honeywell's new Aclar Flex moisture-barrier film--specially designed for flexible medical applications, such as overwraps, pouches, and lidding--is a crystal-clear, transparent film that allows easy viewing of package contents.