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For our OEM customers, that means they can deliver a smooth, crystal-clear image without any skipping or jerkiness.
He surveys the cutting edge of such theorizing and imparts the latest relevant scientific results in crystal-clear prose.
An ill-fitting lens can easily scratch the outermost layer of eye tissue, the crystal-clear cornea.
But he hated to give up the natural beauty of Camp Wayne's crystal-clear, spring-fed lake.
The result seemed a bit choppy at times, but it got the job done: the story was crystal-clear, the dances were expansive, and the central figures of Titania (Kimberly Cowan) and Oberon (Sean Duus) had plenty of scope for characterization.
That is an exaggeration, of course, but in writing about these 20 groups of trees--from oak to Christmas--Rupp has the knack not only for finding another authority to support a point, but for finding the off-beat, the witty, the crystal-clear explanation.
Covering Honen's life, teachings, famous sayings, followers, and final years, Honen the Buddhist Saint offers a crystal-clear picture of his life and teachings especially for lay readers who might struggle with the sheer length and technical details of the original multi-volume edition.
Small Business Legal Forms Simplified is a must-have for day-to-day situations; all the forms within are in crystal-clear English, not convoluted legalese.
With his carefully realized depictions of bricks and two-by-fours floating alone or in elegant yet uncategorizable combinations, Thompson wants to spur the viewer toward a moment of crystal-clear apprehension of the world and the way it's constructed, as well as an awareness of its fragility.
We were left with the crystal-clear understanding that the delegates speak for themselves, and not for the Conference.