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His study presented an L18 Taguchi DoE, with 8 factors and three levels for purposes of shape and robust design optimisation, and managed to reduce urea deposits from 8g to 0g on crystalisation, and a reduction from 14.3g to 5g on urea deposit specs [5].
To quote almost at random from one such report, on Jack the Giant Killer, [...] the Fairy Queen interferes, and changes the scene to the spangled lake in the grotto of stalactic crystalisation. [...] Glittering crystals are pendant from every point, the rocks are covered with sparkling stalactites, and everything is as bright and fairy-like as possible.
In a crystalisation of the entire day, Boro's badge seemed bigger and brighter and more imposing than Bolton's.
The fluorine F substitutes for the O[H.sup.-] group of HAp and greatly improves its physical,chemical and biological properties.It is also known that Fluorine aids in crystalisation of amorphous HAp and fluorapatite (FHAp) posseses notably higher corrosion resistance especially in biological environments[7].