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The 16-year-old singer-songwriter will embark on his headline Crystalise summer tour in cities up and down the country.
He said: "The overall principle of strengthening the team when we need to is ongoing anyway - it doesn't necessarily just crystalise in the transfer window.
WARNING The Bank warned that borrowers would face "significant distress" and "risks could crystalise"
Small investors in the UK were urged not to panic and crystalise losses by selling shares.
Lamont has been a lacklustre leader but perhaps she will now crystalise into a decent politician.
And although formal agreement is not expected until late November, the talks are expected to crystalise the views of EU member states on some of the key issues such as de-coupling of support payments, modulation and milk quotas.
This charge has been required as it has become clear from the disposals process for these businesses that the group will not be able to crystalise their carrying value."
The Christmas period will certainly crystalise that mini-league.'
The 16-year-old, who appeared on BGT last year, has teamed up with the charity YoungMinds for the single, Crystalise, out next month.
Of even more concern was the fact that 81% of drivers had never been asked whether they had busi-ness insurance for the vehicle He adds: ``The proposed corporate manslaughter legislation will crystalise the position, but it means that employers have to show they have complied with the Health and Safety Executive Driving at Work recommendations, '' heargues.