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Mr Sui He Zuo, Chairman of China Golden Phoenix, said, "Since our establishment in 2003, China Golden Phoenix has become one of the leaders in the non-porous crystalised stone market within China.
From an early age he knew he wanted to work in science and as he went through school this crystalised into a desire to learn pharmacy.
The sense I get of the volume as a whole is crystalised by Cain himself: at the end of 22 pages of close analysis of terms associated with the moai, he declares candidly: '.
The chocolate and confectionery industry covers manufacture of cocoa and chocolate powder from cocoa beans, chocolates and all types of a sugar confectionery such as sweets, toffees, marmalades pastiles, crystalised fruits, sugar-coated nuts, chewing gums and sweetmeats.
When we ruminate over these thoughts they become crystalised into ideas, concepts and intentions.
Nothing seems to work to remove the beads of oil, which have crystalised on the acrylic surface.
In an official statement from the communications ministry, Helmy said the protocol crystalised the cooperation between the three ministries and the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, a joint American-Egyptian project established in 1971 to promote the use of space technology, such as satellites, to monitor the use of natural resources.
hair removal unit in pink, silver or black; 1x wide Thermicon™ tip for large areas like legs, arms, chest or back; 1x narrow Thermicon™ tip for facial hair, bikini line and other sensitive areas;1x large buffer to exfoliate skin, remove crystalised hair and leave skin smooth; Changer, CD–Rom, user manual; Money Back Guarantee*; Full 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
But seeing new clips and footage crystalised those memories.
And if your taste's for something classy, There's crystalised fruit or marron glace.
It was one of her most shameful utterances and it crystalised the cruel, me-first philosophy of her government.