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Keywords: particle size, crystallisation, monitoring, industrial processes
The Crystallize research network, funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), brings together recognised scientific leaders in the field to develop new ideas, research and share knowledge in the science of crystallisation. The inaugural meeting on organic molecules forming crystals will take place from June 22-25, 2015 in Marseille, France.
| Almondbury Community School Head, Trevor Bowen hands over one of the Art of Crystallisation |certificates to Kasie Cowley along with other year eight students who gained the certificates in the global Royal Society of Chemistry's experiment.
Competing in the final are: Innovation Award: Tactical Wireless; Vascutek; and CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation) Life Science Business Leadership: Eleanor McFadden, Frontier Science (Scotland) ; Paul Cowan and John Allan, Quotient/Alba Bioscience; and Gerry MacKay, BioOutsource.
This conversion into a fixed charge (called 'crystallisation') essentially freezes the assets against which the debtor has borrowed so that the debtor can no longer sell the assets or prevent their seizure by the bank.
But some of us do believe and take luck as nothing but the "crystallisation of your hard work bearing its fruits." It is because of this kind of attitude that one becomes capable of saying that luck follows those who keep on trying and never give up.
One of the common conditions resulting from dehydration are kidney stones that occur due to crystallisation of the body's salts in the kidneys due to lack of fluids.
India, July 31 -- Total High Density Polyethylene HD6081 (d = 0.960 g/cubic centimeter, MI2 = 8 g/10min), dedicated to still water application, has proved at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag to be the best HDPE resin capable of achieving fastest crystallisation, thus reducing demoulding time between shots while giving optimised mechanical parts.
Moreover, the creation of a Single Resolution Fund (SRF) -- in addition to the availability of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) as a last backstop -- will, over time, further reduce the risk of a crystallisation of liabilities on government balance sheets.
Now developed to be more than just a dryer, the Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryer is capable of performing a wide range of different processes including filtration, high temperature_ and vacuum sterilisation, steam stripping, chemical and crystallisation reactions and vacuum drying--all in one machine.
Furthermore, several studies have shown that the addition of a second phase in polymer matrices modifies the crystallisation behaviour of polymers [8-10, 16-19].
Bisneinex is optimised specifically for injection molding (IM) and stretch blow molding (SBM) processes (two stage process) as well as for injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) (one stage process) production of large volume containers (more than 3 l), which require thick-walled pre-forms and thus reduced crystallisation rate.