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The system consists of a Continuous Crystalliser, combined with a Batch or Continuous Filter and Drier.
The system should consist of a Continuous Crystalliser, combined with a Batch or Continuous Filter and Drier.
The reference sites achieved by the company's agent were concentrated within the dairy industry; products and systems included whey crystalliser tanks, cream ageing tanks, and starter/ culture vessels for cheese and yoghurt process.
The plant would demonstrate to the customer the full economic and process advantages of the technology during the first pilot stage, particularly the significant reduction of waste water volume for subsequent brine crystalliser treatment at low operational cost compared to existing processes.
Tenders are invited for Ction, Commissioning And Performance Demonstration And Guarantee Of Single Stage Oslo Type Crystalliser Of 300 Kg/Hr Effluent Processing Capacity With Suitably Sized Accessories As Per Purchaser%s Tender Specifications Required At Heavy Water Plant, Kota Rajasthan.
Our geared motors are ideal for horizontal crystallisers, filters, clarifiers, conveyors, batch pans and mixers, and packaging.
An investigation of many major industrial applications, including fluidised beds, sugar crystallisers, trickle bed reactors, cement rotary kilns, wastewater treatment units, and interwell communications in oil fields, can be performed by injecting a radiotracer at the inlet of the system and monitoring it at the outlet.
The agreement has been signed for the turnkey supply of salt evaporators and potash crystallisers for their Potasio Rio Colorado (PRC) potash solution mining plant in Argentina's Mendoza Province.
Goavec also produces crystallisers that enable a very high degree of sugar crystal homogeneity to be achieved.
Optical Back-reflectance also called FBRM (Focussed Beam Reflectance Measurement) is primarily used in-process for monitoring of crystallisers, mills and homogenisers.