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The scientists have managed to crystallize the activase protein from the creosote bush, which is a shrub that's abundant in the Arizona desert.
As any basalt cools and crystallizes minerals under low-pressure conditions, the left-over (residual) liquid's composition moves down-temperature, away from the thermal divide and Ol-Ab join.
Additionally, after being identified by DXMS, when two of the proteins that did not crystallize had their unstructured regions excised, the shape of the originally folded portions were maintained, leading to the crystallization of both proteins.
[alpha]-TCP crystallizes in the monoclinic space group [P2.sub.1]/a with a = 12.887(2) [Angstrom], b = 27.280(4) [Angstrom], c = 15.219(2) [Angstrom], [beta] = 126.20(1)[degrees], Z = 24 (33).
Once you get home with your honey, don't be alarmed if it crystallizes. Many honeys naturally become opaque and hard within days of being harvested; some never do.
The answer, quickly arrived at, was that crystallization was not a dividing line between life and nonlife, and that viruses were so simple a life form that they could crystallize.
The equipment needed to crystallize the APET flake is costly and takes up valuable floor space within the plant, which has forced some processors to experiment with drying the flake at lower temperatures (150 F) prior to processing.
As a result, some of the calcium carbonate in the droplet crystallizes on the cave ceiling, and--voila!--a stalactite is born.
Hyperform causes the polypropylene to crystallize faster, reducing the overall cycle time from 30 to 28.5 seconds.
Real diamonds take millions of years to crystallize deep in the Earth, but LifeGem does its work in just 16 weeks.
"I need to start my learning process about the dancers, learn more about the administration, then form my view to crystallize my vision and plan the coming season," he says.
In 1930, however, the American biochemist John Howard Northrop (1891-1987) managed to crystallize, not a rather off-beat enzyme such as urease, but the very well-known digestive enzyme pepsin and showed it to be a protein.