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Aspirin, for example, has been crystallized by the tons for decades under many different conditions, and yet only one crystal form has ever emerged, says Sally Price at University College London.
The ring geometry was used for samples in the long term crystallized study to circumvent the grip slippage problems observed during initial tensile testing.
If you try to blow a bottle from this cloudy, partly crystallized material, it will have reduced impact performance.
Observed spacings (nm) WAXD Solution- Melt- Calculated crystallized crystallized spacings Index ED sample sample (nm) Intensity 004 -- 1.
Of that fraction, most had originally crystallized between 1.
p] crystal structures are used for nylon 12 14 crystallized at 125[degrees]C from the dilute 1,4-butanediol solution.
The next step, says Schramm, is to design a big ion machine that will produce crystallized beams.