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This is the first report showing that the crystallizer and noncrystallizer ponds of Sfax marine saltern harbored potential halophilic actinomycetes producing antimicrobial compounds against Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogen bacteria.
Equally unusual, the modular hopper can be converted at any time to a crystallizer by adding an agitator insert in modular units and a gear motor sized for the variable agitator length.
--The producing flow of the suspension from the crystallizer separates into crystal sodium chloride and the flow of mother solution which, in the form of a eutonic system(point 4 in the diagram), is directed into the cooler crystallizer- isohydric crystallization of lithium perchlorate trihydrate;
(iii) Subsystem (D) consists of two crystallizer pumps one in operative and other in cold standby.
To determine the growth rate by weighing method, a versatile system which consists of a glass 250 ml crystallizer provided with a jacketed system for heating water from thermostatic bath, with a temperature ([+ or -]0.05[degrees]C) and agitation control along with an on-line recording system for continuous measurement of temperature and weight of growing crystal was designed and fabricated.
installations, primarily at power plants where they process cooling tower water, convinced the Polish miners that using the company's brine concentrator and crystallizer technologies would help their situation.
The upgraded equipment includes a new "super automated" churn, an homogenizer, KK filters, a continuous deaerator, a spinning machine, spinning jets, crystallizer, evaporators, automatic titrators, press rolls, open end machines, an acid recovery building, a new [CS.sup.2] recovery system and improved washing and drying equipment.
In the indirect contact systems, a heat exchanger wall separates the mixture in the crystallizer from the refrigerant so the refrigerant never mixes with the liquid being processed.
Tenders are invited for dismantling, supply, erection commissioning of vacuum crystallizer
"Our dryer-less twin-screw system is a new option well suited to process post-consumer and post-industrial PET GAG regrind, unlike conventional extrusion systems that require a dryer and a crystallizer," says Sushant lain, sr.
Microfluidics has rebranded its MRT nanoparticle creation technology as the PureNano platform, featuring the PureNano Continuous Crystallizer. According to the company, the PureNano platform combines a unique machine with expert process development to achieve smaller and more consistent particle sizes than previously possible for many applications, in particular, the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and energy industries.
The Creative ZEN X-Fi Style provides all the functions of a basic media player, and also sports X-Fi technology in addition, such as the Crystallizer and Expand features.