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Richard Earley, President of Crystallize adds, "This relationship brings together the best of our patented and Oracle certified software with esoftsolutions' integration and Oracle expertise.
4], crystallizes in the triclinic space group, P1, with a = 6.
Salesnet's ASP-based SFA subscription service offers companies like Crystallize such benefits as no upfront capital investment, no costly upgrades, rapid and global deployment, the ability to adapt quickly to changing business conditions, and no additional strain on already overburdened IT resources.
Corporations today simply can't maximize their corporate information or make changes to their software infrastructure as rapidly as changes in their businesses dictate," said Bob Markese, the new CEO of Crystallize.
Crystallize has developed software solutions for customers of the Oracle(R) E-Business Suite that enable rapid financial restructuring, business reorganizations, spin-offs and divestitures, and post-merger integration.
We're addressing the growing challenge of managing change in mission-critical corporate information systems," said Richard Earley, President of Crystallize.
Crystallize reduces the risk and time required to implement these changes by automating the consolidation, restructuring, and integration of information within the Oracle Applications environment, an area of specialization for Aris.
Rich is an accomplished executive with twenty years of experience in the IT services industry," said Helene Abrams, Crystallize Chief Executive Officer.
Crystallize recently came to market with software that enhances and changes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications and provides customers with an automated means of changing their systems to keep pace with changing business and technology environments.
Crystallize sees Mincom as the Asia Pacific distributor for its Crystallize Solutions, a software suite that optimizes Oracle Applications.
Crystallize came to market in 1999 with software that optimizes Oracle Applications and provides customers with an automated means of improving the consistency, accuracy, and completeness of their data across the enterprise.
With that technology embedded in the comprehensive Crystallize Supply Chain Optimization Solution, companies will be able to aggregate information about their supply network from their Oracle Applications, determine the changes required to lower procurement and distribution costs, and then quickly implement those changes.