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In any case, the XRD results have shown that the PVDF phase in the PVDF/PET-based composite could crystallize into [alpha]-phase easily; however, the crystallization of the PET phase was inhibited on a large scale because of the presence of CB/GR additives and the rigidity of PET molecular chains.
In some instances, bacteria appear to play a more indirect role, merely creating the environmental conditions under which dissolved minerals are more likely to crystallize.
The former contain a low-Ca pyroxene and the latter can crystallize nepheline.
2]O, occurs as the mineral brushite and crystallizes in the monocinic space group Ia with unit cell parameters a = 5.
The ability to crystallize is yet another important feature for certain types of rubber.
If honey crystallizes, make it liquid again by heating the jar (without the lid) in hot water or in a microwave oven at full power, checking at 20-second intervals.
In fact, because PBT crystallizes faster than PET, it is not possible under normal processing conditions to produce PBT parts that are amorphous.
A single strong diffraction was found in WAXD patterns for all the samples under study, indicating that nylon 11 11 crystallizes into the [gamma]-form from melt independent of crystallization temperature.
As a material crystallizes on Earth, gravity can cause some crystals to settle out, leaving flaws in the material.
This device crystallizes and dries PET flake using selected IR wavelengths that are strongly absorbed by moisture.
Antimony, a key component of the AVIST material, crystallizes almost completely during the alloy deposition process, and only a minimal amount of external laser power applied in a very quick post-manufacturing step is necessary to complete the crystallization process.
We are tremendously excited about joining Tickmark and Crystallize to form a unique company that specializes in providing the market's broadest portfolio of high-value tools for applications management," Markese said.