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For example, early crystallizing olivine has higher MgO, lower Si[O.sub.2] and little [Na.sub.2]O and [K.sub.2]O compared to the host magma.
For a modern, world-scale PET plant operating 24/7, we estimate that the CrystallCut system can save millions of Euros per year in energy costs by combining pelletizing and crystallizing into a single integrated process without a cooling step, said Ralf Simon, Nordson BKG managing director.
Notice the low initial moisture content of the crystalline flake; this is due to crystallizing the flake with hot (350 F) ambient air, which provides some limited drying but not enough to achieve the low moisture levels required for processing.
PBT is a rapidly crystallizing polymer, and properties such as [T.sub.m] and [T.sub.g] can also be enhanced by the incorporation of diamides [7].
Suppliers of PET material-handling, crystallizing, and drying equipment took a cautionary interest in learning about the intricacies of this material, which would fill the same basic market demands as PET.
While crystallizing an ingredient commonly found in soap and vegetable oil, scientists in India witnessed something unexpected.
To shorten this time, crystallizing rubbers can be exposed to temperatures where their crystallization rate is maximum.
A new crystallizing pelletizer for PET pellets from BKG GmbH, a unit of Kreyenborg Group, Lawrenceville, Ga., has seen its first two U.S.
When an animal dies, far larger quantifies of rare earth elements in the soil leach into the crystallizing bones, replacing calcium atoms of similar size.
These pendant groups are located on a chiral carbon and are always in the same stereo configuration, which implies the polymer is isotaetic and is therefore capable of crystallizing. The combination of a [T.sub.g] below room temperature (measured at -35[degrees]C) which is due to the long pendant groups and a low degree of crystallinity [estimated at 30% (ref.
Typically crystallizing takes place in a separate unit.