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are concentrated in early crystallizing minerals) in all three series with the concentrations falling as Mg# declines.
Another consideration is the exothermic reaction that may occur in the crystallizing vessel.
The orifice of the dryer leads to a crystallizing conveyor, 2 to 3 meters long.
The alloying and molding process developed by Remaplan started with a crystallizing dryer, followed by an Erema Vacurema unit and then an extruder.
Cleaned flake then goes through a conventional crystallizing dryer and into a modified twin-screw extruder with multiple vacuum vents.
At last month's HIV structure conference, he announced that the group had succeeded in crystallizing p24.
Because crystallizing this colorless, tasteless and odorless protein excludes nicotine and other potentially toxic "antinutrients," tobacco's fraction-1 protein could offer a safe food additive or pharmaceutical-grade (ultrapure) nutrient, he says.