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4 patients had cubitus varus deformity and corrective osteotomy was advised but all patients refused because they had good range of painless motion.
Radiologically cubitus varus was assessed using goniometer and measuring the Baumann's angle.
Furthermore, if malreduction of opposite lateral supracondylar column at all occurs, it causes cubitus vulgus which is more acceptable than commonly occurring cubitus varus caused by malreduction of medial supracondylar column commonly met while operating through lateral approach.
In our study, we had ten patients with cubitus varus deformity who were treated with lateral closing wedge osteotomy fixed with posterior plating between May 2015 and December 2015.
Tegmen pink at very base, later red with anterior margin, veins and main cross veins and area between radius and media anterior pastel green; subcosta, radius and fused media - cubitus posterior for the greatest part pink or red.
Correlation between posteromedial or posterolateral displacement and cubitus varus deformity in supracondylar humerus fractures in children.
One (4%) case in group I and 11 (44%) cases in group II resulted in cubitus varus deformity as measured by the carrying angle [Table 4].
This patient had eventually developed cubitus varus22 and restricted movements of elbow.
There was no hyperextension, loss of motion, cubitus varus, iatrogenic nerve palsies and no patient required additional surgery.
Al examen fisico: microcefalia, fascies triangulares, hipoplasia medio facial leve, ptosis palpebral bilateral, raiz nasal alta, pabellones auriculares rotados posteriormente, filtrum corto, labios prominentes; extremidades: implantacion anterior de 1 dedo e hipoplasia hipotenar en manos, hiperlaxitud ligamentaria, cubitus valgus y retracciones aquilianas.
Intercubitus longer than abscissa of cubitus between intercubitus and second recurrent vein in holotype, and subequal to or slightly shorter in paratype.
Among its many renowned titles are Blake et Mortimer, Ric Hochet, Thorgal, Jonathan, Cubitus, and Leonard.