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Jaycee Marcelino has been at the forefront of the Pirates attack as he has taken the cudgels from former league MVP CJ Perez, enjoying a career season with averages of 18 points (league high), 5.8 rebounds, 3.
But national team coach Yeng Guiao didn't have to look far for a fitting replacement as he cited Kiefer Ravena to pickup the cudgels from the two-time Asia's best point guard.
Summary: Banda (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 6 (ANI): Facing a severe spell of water scarcity, residents of Nuniya Mollah in Banda have taken up cudgels against the local administration for not doing enough to resolve their issues.
Marian Buitre took up the cudgels for UP and led with 19 points on 16 kills and three blocks while veteran Tots Carlos and Maristela Layug provided had 16 and 15 points.
In fact, beyond the alarmism and facile bromides inflamed by Trump's announcement, what the the Golan situation actually illustrates is that the whole gamut of international "norms," when they are applied injudiciously and for political ends as so often happens with Israel, can be reduced to blunt cudgels. The norms used to adjudicate land claims and challenge Israel's rights to the Golan are not only selectively applied, they are mutually incoherenttheir real power is not as legal precedents but as political instruments.
I would ask that the sports staff at the Birmingham Mail take up their cudgels, keep on top of the case and report back to ensure justice.
Brazilian anthropologists are looking for members of an Amazon tribe that has had little or no contact with the outside world to steer them clear of a rival indigenous group and avoid a bloody clash of cudgels against arrows.
Grace Lazard carried the cudgels with 15 points, while other import Kendra Dahlke and Shola Alvarez added eight and seven points, respectively, for PLDT, which fell to 0-2 won-lost.
He has also taken up the cudgels on behalf of jockeys and sponsors, both of which are close to my heart and for which I thank him.
I took up the cudgels last week and Lay met with East Renfrewshire Council and builders Cala Homes on Tuesday to thrash out a compromise.
Not content with shilling for Vladimir Putin on propaganda network Russia Today, the ex-SNP leader now takes up the cudgels for abhorrent bloggers in manufactured fights with the BBC.
Can it be too much to ask that, it might be appropriate that our councillors take up their cudgels, on our behalf, to stop this catastrophe from occurring?